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Is a web spy monitoring software that records in complete stealth mode all the websites visited from a computer. The application is easy-to-use and helps you to put an eye on everyone who's browsing on your PC.

All spy prints

Is a print management software, specially created to reduce printer costs. The application will record every print action processed from a specific PC, the document printed, the users and the date the print was done.

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In the modern world children are interested in the life of their favorite heroes from certain cartoons, programs or TV shows. They are in love with their courage, self-confidence and the way of life.
Here is a list of thirty websites where your kids can play games and be safe; and this way you can keep a strict eye on them if you are informed about which sites they should be playing on.
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Special Features

The keyloger main purpose is to monitor and capture keystroke events from the user keyboard.

Unlike many other keyloggers that provide only keystrokes without any additional functionalities

All spy keylogger software offers:

Keystrokes recording
Sites recording
Chat conversation recording
Program / application run recording
Printing activity recording
Clipboard activity recording
Screen captures (snapshots) recording
File/ folder modification recording
E-mail delivery of the recordings

Besides all these functionalities, extra setting are added to the spy software which has some other features like hot key combination protection, password protection and the stealth running mode. This stealth mode relies on being undetectable by the most popular Firewalls, Anti-spyware/Anti-keyloggers and Antivirus software and invisibility in Task Manager, Program Files, Add and Remove Programs.
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